About CYSB

Why do we recycle beer cans, pop bottles, milk jugs, newspapers, cardboard boxes, and electronics, but throw away old cars? Although automobile scrappage programs would have you believe that the discordance between the tailpipe emissions of a modern vehicle and those of an older car should be all it takes to convince you to step out of that old clunker and into a modern plastic wondercar, the reality is this: that’s a ridiculously stupid idea.

Consider, if you will, the amount of energy, fuel, and materials consumed in the manufacture of a new vehicle’s components, the assembly thereof into a finished product, and finally, the shipping of that product to your local dealership. Add in the hundeds of pounds’ worth of scrap metal that an older vehicle’s non-recyclable components represents, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that simply driving that same older vehicle as long as possible is the best solution. And better yet, opting to extend the effective lifespan of a classic automobile isn’t just easy on your conscience, it’s easy on your wallet.

But that’s not what this website is about; that’s just the hoi polloi, nose-in-the-air moral high ground that it can lay claim to. No, what this website is all about is recognizing those rare gems that sometimes arise on the local automotive classifieds websites… those uncommon diamonds in the rough that offer unparalleled class, unique styling, and the quality of assembly that can only be found in the eras of steel dashboards, sculpted steering wheels bereft of airbags, and chrome plated steel. These are cars that may end up sparking random curb-side conversations with complete and utter strangers, cars that you’ll catch people taking pictures of while you’re grabbing your morning coffee, and cars that offer a level of ownership satisfaction that can’t be matched… And all of them costing less than the down payment on that new Bimmer that your co-worker was bragging about.


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