1960 Vauxhall Victor Super – $1730

“1960 Vauxhall Victor real classic car, this car runs, and every thing works, all original paint, motor. Easy classic plates; cheap to drive and insure. Fun cool ride, this car has been in dry storage 25 yrs. Beautiful in side, get in the classic car game cheap no overseas b/s or pay pay. 778 889 9135 same owner for many years well looked after, no hurry to sell need nothing drive home”

In 1957, Vauxhall decided that they needed a new large family sedan to replace the aging (but awesomely named) Wyvern. Looking towards their American cousins for inspiration, this was the result: the Vauxhall Victor. Before it’s reinvention in 1961, it would become Britian’s most exported car, earning accolades for its classy 1957 Chevy Bel Air-inspired styling and reputation for robustness. However, there were some key differences that set the Victor and the Bel Air apart, and a huge one was under the hood where drivers would find, instead of a sexy small block V8, a familiar 1.5 litre four cylinder producing 55 horsepower. Borrowed from the Wyvern, General Motors’ engineers outfitted the engine with a higher compression ratio (7.8:1 as opposed to the Wyvern’s 6.8:1), which subsequently required the car run Premium fuel. However, with recorded fuel economy in the 31 mpg realm, it wasn’t exactly an expensive car to run, regardless of what you put in the tank.

Of course, there probably isn’t much in this particular Victor’s tank. Having been in dry storage for 25 years, it looks to be in excellent shape for its age, and although the mechanical components should probably be sorted before driving it any great distance, one cannot stress the value of a complete car quite enough. Although it was a popular export, it isn’t exactly a common car here in North America, and seeing as this is the Super model (which simply denoted extra trim), I imagine that trying to find any of the body cladding, badges, or interior pieces could prove nigh impossible… so it’s a good thing this car has them all! Furthermore, having the original paint is a real boon, as it appears as if it could use little more than a quick scrub with a buffing wheel. Sure, it’ll probably bear a few scuffs and scratches, but don’t we all? In any case, at just $1,730 it’s an absolute steal.


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