1965 Plymouth Valiant 200 – $900

“I am selling Jim; he is a ’65 Plymouth Valiant 200 four door. It has a 273 V8 and 904 transmission. It has good tires and a four barrel carb. I drive it everyday. It needs some bodywork. It’s been lowered three inches in the back and two in the front. I would maybe trade for a 4×4 full size or a Jeep…. maybe a Mustang or Fairmont or a Toyota of some kind. Just tell me what you have.”

If there’s one brand that really didn’t deserve the ignominious fate it endured, it’s got to be Plymouth. Sure, Pontiac is equally easy to mourn over, having produced their fair share of cool automobiles, but at least Pontiac got to go out with a bit a bang in the form of the ultra-cool Solstice, Solstice Coupe, and G8. Plymouth, on the other hand, went out with a silver Neon. But, long before that accursed car ever infected the Chrysler Corp., or rather DaimlerChrysler, Plymouth got to build cool cars, like the Valiant. Kissing cousin to the Dodge Lancer and later Dart, the even more stylish Plymouth product filled the same compact car niche that goddamned Neon later would, and was credited by contemporary scribes at Road & Track with being one of the best domestic automobiles of the day. In its second generation by 1965, the Valiant made big news in 1964 as a result of the introduction of the solid-lifter 273 cubic-inch V8 engine engineered specifically for use in the diminutive Chrysler compact cars. Churning out 180 horsepower, the V8-powered 1964 Valiant was the most affordable V8-powered car in the world at the time, and followed that act up with a particularly potent Commando 273 for the following year. Making an almost ridiculous 235 horsepower, the Commando version of the 273 cubic-inch motor introduced a four barrel carburetor, higher compression, better exhaust, and a performance camshaft to the Valiant lineup, and made the little car quite the performance machine.

Which, of course, begs the question: does the four barrel under the hood of this Valiant 200 indicate the presence of that infamous Commando V8? Not necessarily, but it does bode well. Lending further credibility to that is the unquestionable presence of a 904 TorqueFlite automatic gearbox, a vinyl roof, and the 200 option package (which included a rear window defrost, seatbelts, carpet, variable speed wipers, and a host of other features), this car was obviously ordered by someone for whom money wasn’t exactly the chief concern… at least not when it came time to tick the option boxes on their Valiant order sheet. Another daily driver, this one’s ad may not be as lengthy and detailed as the Fargo from yesterday, but it’s probably in pretty fair shape, if the photos are any indication. Also, being a damn sight more common than the Fargo and with a pretty strong community behind it, this Valiant should be a pretty easy car for a potential buyer to own as well.


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