1965 Ford Fairlane – $4000

“1965 Ford Fairlane Sport Coupe. 289, Automatic transmission, bucket seats and console. Power Steering. 121,000 documented miles. $4,000 firm. 604-813-9640, after 10 am.”

Well, once again, we find ourselves staring down the barrel (or four barrel) of yet another version of the eminently popular Ford Fairlane, this particular model being a fetching 1965 Sport Coupe. One of the older Fairlanes that have come across CYSB’s browser, ’65 marks the final year for the fourth generation of the popular Fairlane sedan, a generation that saw the Fairlane shrink to become Ford’s intermediate vehicle. Slotting between the new Ford Falcon and the equally new full-size Ford Galaxie, the fourth generation Fairlane offered a wide array of optional extras and varying body styles ranging from faux-wood adorned Squire station wagons to ridiculous 657 horsepower, 7.0L Thunderbolt drag cars.

This particular model, being a 289-powered Sport Coupe, is positioned somewhere in the upper reaches of the Fairlane model lineup. I suspect it is the 2-barrel carbureted, hydraulic-lifter equipped 289 producing 195 horsepower have been informed it’s a factory four barrel, dual exhaust car, making it a prime exemplar of the upper echelon of Fairlane performance in 1965. Producing a healthy 271 horsepower, this engine gives a good indication of just how easy power comes to the ubiquitous Ford small block. Regardless, with just over a ton and half’s worth of American sheetmetal to cart around, neither of the torquey V8s available in ’65 would have much trouble carting it around. However, with just three forward speeds available from the automatic gearbox, don’t expect stellar fuel mileage. But at just $4,000, and looking pretty much flawless, fuel costs might be the only dollars this car needs put into it.


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