1962 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon – $2000

“1962 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon. 318 wide block (poly) push button auto, runs great, new dual exhaust, power rear window (work great) does not come with torq thrust wheels (comes with 6.5″ steelies with factory wheel covers, says Plymouth on them) too many Mopar projects for this Dodge freak! (won’t get to them all…) $2000 obo. Call 604-803-2235. Thanks!”

It’s hard to believe that when the then all-new 1962 Plymouth Belvedere debuted, customers and critics would lament the refreshed design’s smaller footprint. Still displacing a relatively large amount of road space, the third generation of Plymouth’s answer to Chevrolet’s new sedan line sold relatively slowly and subsequently only survived from 1962 to 1964 before being rebuilt again for the 1965 model year. But, before that happened, Plymouth’s Belvedere line churned out this monster: a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon. The largest model within of the Belvedere lineup, the Belvedere wagon could be had in a variety of trim levels with corresponding drivetrains, but this one’s 318 cubic inch V8 and push-button automatic is probably exemplary of the most popular powerplant and transmission. A flexible engine that produced horsepower levels that ranged from the mid 200’s to the mid-to-high 300’s, the 318 was to Mopar as the 350 small blocks were to Ford and Chevy: ubiquitous.

And that’s a good thing for whoever should end up driving this beast home. In fact, even though the Belvedere may have never reached the popularity of some of its competition, one of the most enthusiastic ownership groups in the world ensure that a wide variety of parts remain available in order to keep these cars on the road. Championed by the phrase “Mopar or no car,” they’re an obsessive bunch, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that pulling in to gas up a car like this is akin to putting out a welcome mat for any other Mopar fanatics to strike up a conversation. So, if a sense of community is one of the major attractors drawing you towards the classic car market, this could be a great way to get that in spades without sacrificing practicality.  Furthermore, it sounds as if it’s currently under the patronage of a dyed-in-the-wool Mopar fanatic, which means it will have been treated to a significant level of respect.


1 thought on “1962 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon – $2000

  1. Hi, I just saw your ad and was wondering if the car is still for sale? Just curious to know about your other mopars.
    Mopar Fanatic,

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