1940 LaSalle – $2300

“1940 Cadillac Lasalle for sale by owner, needs some love and attention…see pictures and email for more information. $2300.00 OBO” 

First off, I feel like I must apologize for neglecting the blog as of late. It’s been pretty hectic, but to make a long story short, things have finally gotten squared away and regular readers can once again look forward to regular updates.

So, to breathe a little like back into the blog, I thought I’d start with something pretty special: a 1940 LaSalle. A brand created to fill a perceived gap in the General Motors lineup, LaSalle became Cadillac’s companion, conceived by styling magnate Harley Earl as a more lithe-looking and agile counterpoint to the big Cadillacs of the day. By 1940, they had grown a wee bit, and although being universally praised as excellent vehicles, suffered the same fate as Pontiac and Saturn have as of late… and for the same reason. Never quite recovering from the recession that slowed sales in 1938, LaSalle was officially pronounced dead in 1941, when it was replaced by the then-new Cadillac Series 61. But with 130 horsepower and great styling, the 1940 LaSalle made sure the brand went out with a bang.

It also ensures that although it may be one of the older cars to appear here, this 1940 LaSalle will be more than capable of handling the daily chores demanded of it by its contemporary owner. However, it’s impossible to make much of an informed decision with such a spartan advertisement. But, if the pictures are any indication, it seems as if it’s in relatively good shape.


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