1969 Buick Skylark Custom – $3300

“Nice original skylark with a little over 100,000 miles.Little to no rust.350,turbo 350 trans.Very nice interior. Brakes and waterpump done recently. Serious buyers only, thanks.”

There’s a lot of psychology in the used car marketplace. To stretch your money as far as possible, it’s important to recognize the divisions that exist in the marketplace: cars that are bought out of interest, and cars that are bought out of sentimentality. And although interest can definitely drive a hard bargain, there’s no arguing with sentimentality when it comes to separating a man from his money. You can’t put a price on youth renewed courtesy of a familiar 50-year old set of wheels. Which is what makes a classic Buick such a great buy. You see, as young men, all most guys could afford was a Chevy, Pontiac, or perhaps an Oldsmobile. Buicks, as the second to last rung on the GM corporate ladder (next only to Cadillac) was out of reach. Hence why, forty to fifty years later, Chevys, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles command vastly higher prices than the Buicks and Cadillacs that once surpassed them in luxury and price.

This particular Buick, being a Skylark, shares many of its components with the much more popular Chevelle, and being a two door Custom, is the most desirable body style. This means that parts, specifically the running gear, will be readily available from any number of suppliers. Body parts, trim pieces, and interior parts will be slightly harder to source, being Skylark-specific, but from the looks of this specific one, there shouldn’t be too many things to hunt down!


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