1967 Austin Healey Sprite – $2500

“1967 Austin Healey Mark IV Sprite
Classic English Sports Car
1275 CC Motor, 4 speed, Manual Transmission. Red Sporty, Fun Driving Vehicle. Runs Well – Many Spare Parts.

Call Niel: 604-525-1053″

When it comes to sports cars, it’s hard to come up with one that personifies the segment quite as well as this. Small, cheap, light, and nimble, the Austin Healey Sprite and its stablemate, the MG Midget both make for some of the most exciting driving you’ll ever enjoy. And they’re damn sensible too; with tiny little four cylinder engines that are amongst the most common on Earth, absolutely ridiculous fuel economy, and surprisingly large trunks, they can be driven daily to work, or for extended road trips… and will enthral in either role.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve had one in my garage for literally as long as I’ve been alive. Once a friend of my dads, and having seen been passed down, the tiny little British sports car has proven resilient, simple, and an absolute joy to own. Parts are amazingly easy to find, and rarely need replacing. Something about hauling around something in the neighbourhood of 1,500 pounds means most of the mechanical pieces are rarely strained, but, this be a British car, those are hardly the worrisome parts. Indeed, Lucas electrics may not have been the best in the best in the world, but the passage of almost five decades’ has seen a huge enthusiast following adapt modern fixes to age-old issues with stellar results. Check for rust (as always) in the usual places around the wheelwells, front fenders, and floors, and ensure that everything works as it should… and enjoy owning one of the most entertaining cars ever produced by mankind.


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