1967 Ford Falcon – $1000

“Runs and drives great, new brakes, seats mint, overall very good interior. Six cylinder 200ci. 604-996-5049 “

After a couple pretty pricey automobiles, it’s about time we got back to basics… and it doesn’t get much more basic than a Ford Falcon sedan. Built and marketed as one of Ford’s first economy cars, the Falcon would eventually become a station wagon, a coupe, two- and foor-door sedans, a convertible, a sedan delivery, and even a car-cum-truck thing in the form of the Ranchero. With engine options ranging from tiny little 2.4 litre inline sixes to relatively potent 302 small block V8s, the early Falcons were wildly popular and handily outsold almost all of their competition, with the exception of the almost equally popular Chevy Nova.

This particular Falcon, as you can see from the two-tone paint job, has obviously seen better days. One of the now less-desireable sedan models, it’s bargain basement price means you might be able to spend a few extra bucks on some of the things it will invariable need. Equipped with the middle of the road 200 cubic inch inline six, the small car should be capable of besting 17 miles per gallon on average, especially with modern carburetion. Conversely, replacing the tired 200 six pot with a more modern fuel injected motor from any number of 5.0L-powered pickups, Mustangs, and sedans will reward with excellent power and even better fuel economy than the old engine could ever provide. Finally, with a strong following around the world, ownership, maintenance, and repair of any old Falcon is nearly as painless as any newer vehicle would provide.


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