1963 AMC Rambler – Was $675, Now $550

“All orginal 198 6 cylinder. Aluminum block numbers matching 3 speed standard transmission. Brand new never been used tires, 50,359 original miles. Runs but has fuel delivery issues (needs fuel pump). Rust on passenger side of hood but otherwise decent shape very straight. Its awesome project car but I have never gotten around to fixing it up. If the post is up I still have the car! Call Nicole or Ross at 604 850 5255”

The American Motor Company, formed after the merger of Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator in 1954, is one of the most overlooked brands on the market today. Producing everything from uber-large station wagons, to tiny runabouts, to fire-breathing musclecars, AMC never reached the heights that the other three American automakers did. Falling into dissolution in 1988, AMC would put their brand on everything from Jeeps to Gremlins. But, without a doubt, the vehicle that many will best recall is this: the Rambler. One of the most popular vehicles AMC made, it was every bit the equal of the Chevy and Ford sedans of the day.

But, decades later, the little know name brand still commands a vastly smaller price tag than it’s more mainstream counterparts… which is a good thing for those shopping for a deal. Looking every bit as retro cool as a Fairlane or Impala of the same era, this Rambler marks the beginning of the second generation of Rambler, but appears to be the most basic of the three available trim levels (which were known simply as the 550, 660, and 770 models). However, that doesn’t cheapen the Rambler experience: winning Motor Trend‘s coveted Car of the Year award for 1963, the Rambler featured such technological breakthroughs as curved side glass and a unibody design. Sure, this one’s seen better days, but with minimal rust repair and a new fuel pump (not exactly rocket science on an old inline six), you just can’t beat the price.


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