1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible – $2500

“Complete car, 2 door coupe. Runs & drives great, passes aircare every year. Onwed for past 3 years.

She’s been lots of fun to drive over the years, but time pass her on & let someone else enjoy. A real head-turner!”

Into every life, a little Cadillac must fall. Once considered the standard of the world (to the point that it was actually referred to in exactly that manner), all Cadillacs are vehicles to be appreciated, and none is better known than this: the Eldorado. Having been conceived during the single best decade in car design (the ’50s) and representing the most ridiculously opulent of lifestyles, the Eldorado’s pairing of unabashed girth and stupendous styling was a match made in heaven; a match that slowly found itself spinning, flaming, towards the fire and brimstone-filled hell that was the ’70s. Transformed from an airliner-inspired masterpiece into this colossal, 500 cubic inch V8-powered front wheel drive behemoth, the almost 5,000 pound Eldorado drove like drunken schooner and drank like a motoryacht from its bottomless 101 litre fuel tank. But if it was panache, wow-factor, and a smooth ride that a disco-crazed professional was after, the line ended at the ’74 Eldorado.

But, as much as the later Eldorados were pure, unadulterated bastardizations of the once-proud nameplate, they’ve aged almost gracefully… not Judy Dench graceful, but maybe Molly Ringwald graceful. And like those famous actresses, nothing recalls their perspective eras better. Recently repainted that perfect shade of pink, equipped with a (new) white top, and approximately the same length as the infamous short bus, this ex-California car will make an excellent car with which one can enjoy the last remnants of summer here in Vancouver. However, if someone wanted to keep it longer-term, rust forming around the wheel fender skirts will need addressing, as will the various engine issues. But, the news that an uninstalled, but factory optional, 8-track player is included with the purchase of the car should offset some of those concerns. Bee Gees 8 track are available seperately from eBay with prices ranging from $5 to $20 US.


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