1965 Ford Galaxie – $2500

good intro
new brakes
new tires”

It doesn’t get much simpler than that: a 390, new running gear, and a good intro… erm… interior. Looking a bit like it rolled out of your favourite zombie apocalypse movie, this hard wearing ’65 Galaxie is proof positive that the innumerable buyers of one of Ford’s most popular models ever didn’t have it wrong: this is one solid automobile. Debuting in 1959 and continue uninterrupted until 1974, the Galaxie was available in coupe, sedan, and convertible forms, and with a myriad of equipment packages ranging from 428 cubic-inch quarter mile terrors to more sedan small-block commuter cars. Definitely not one of the smallest cars on the road, the third generation Galaxie wasn’t going to make life easy for anyone forced to endure places like Gastown’s cramped quarters, but the big V8s and huge interiors made it a great highway cruiser.

And when it comes to big, loping V8s, the Ford 390 definitely qualifies. An engine used extensively across the Ford lineup in everything from Mustangs to F-250s, it’s renowned for it’s ability to simply soldier on in the face of withering mileage and neglect. Strapped into the engine bay of one of Detroit’s finest examples of solid steel’s resilience, the combination of a 390 big block and two doors makes this one car that could appreciate in value with a bit of elbow grease. But, as with any car this era, one must be concerned with rust in the floors, trunk, and fenders, although a strong following ensures that replacement parts won’t be particularly difficult nor expensive to procure. Add in the new brakes and tires, and the asking price of $2,500 seems a paltry sum to gain entry into the classic American musclecar club.


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