1963 Humber Super Snipe – $1200

“1963 British Humber Super Snipe all original, odometer at 96,000, straight six cylinder engine, automatic, well appointed vehicle of the time. Recently rebuilt carburetor. Parts still available as car is still popular collector’s item abroad. Runs lovely. Car currently on Gabriola Island. Valued at $2400 but asking $1200 o.b.o.”

Looking like a bizarre cross between a tri-five GM product and something that Stalin would have been proud to call his own, the British Humber Super Snipe is, in reality, something closer to Britain’s answer to the Lincolns of the day. Big, cushy, and equipped with very classy and luxurious interior, they were the favourite of executives and managers of the day; a role that’s currently filled by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

Being a 1963 model year makes this one a Series IV, meaning it’s imbued with the relatively potent 124.5 horsepower version of the 3.0L inline six. Although that doesn’t sound like much, if running in good nick, it will push the Super Snipe past 150 kilometres per hour. That said, it will take a while to get there; taking over 15 seconds to hit just 100 kilometres per hour. But at least all that extra time will give you a chance to enjoy the burled wood dashboard, rich red leather trim, and awesome gaugework.


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